120g self-adhesive inkjet photo paper (SA-JM120)
Type: matte finish
Basic weight (GSM): 235
Sizes: A4, A3, A3 +, A2, 10 * 15, A6, 3R, 4R, 5R, Letter sizes
Packing (sheet / package): 5/10/15/20/50
Product specification:
1) 100% waterproof, instant drying, up to 5760 DPI, perfect color, perspective and performance;
2) apply to dye, ink and pigment ink;
3) apply to all inkjet printers paper;
4) for advertising, promotion, display, etc., affixed to walls, doors and windows, body, etc..
5) welcome OEM order.

The highest accuracy can reach 5760dpi, the quality is clear.High density and wide color range, and even detailed colors can show high levels.
Moisture proof, waterproof, strong ultraviolet resistance.The ink is quickly absorbed and dried rapidly, while ink does not penetrate the back of the inkjet paper.Apply to different kinds of inkjet printers paper.Suitable for pigments, inks and dye inks.Do not fold or damage the surface of the paper during use.To fade images or change colors, do not touch images with a network hand.To weaken images or change colors, do not use strong highlighter on the image.Do not expose inkjet paper to high temperature, humidity or sunlight, and preserve unused inkjet paper.

Suitable for 5760dpi printing precision, color, brightness, grade, print details and good waterproof performance, high quality coating and base paper, used for image quality design, make all kinds of pictures perfectly all attributes. Widely used in office, business, home and other advertising design, graphics output, office documents and other fields.Lucky inkjet photo paper uses high quality body inkjet paper and paint, and is produced and processed by leading manufacturers in the printing field.Instant drying, waterproof, rapid absorption of ink, to prevent the proliferation.The color gamut is wide, the color fastness is high, the density is high, and the image quality is smooth and clear.Water and light effects, long-term preservation in indoor or outdoor.Scratch resistance, no static electricity, fastness to powder, high coating strength.