Month: March 2017

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三节29分无济于事 缺节奏威少无力带动队友

Thunder away from the Mavericks, Westbrook although the three quarter will get a score of 29, but the Mavericks excellent cheap nba inkjet photo paper defensive strategy makes Wei less only a second aid, becoming the main reason for the failure of the thunder 5.

Opening thunder advantage of the use of a high level of attack after the attack succeeded, the Mavericks attack success rate is also high, the two sides did not convert the opportunity to attack. Wei Wei Ferrell bit low into the first goal, but half of the time, there are no less than the speed of the opportunity. The first section of wholesale inkjet photo paper Dallas attack blocked, Westbrook had foot Hot Wheels chance, he hit 4 times into the continuous transformation of the attack, the single had 14 points and 3 assists. But this is the only part of the game to find the rhythm.

Mavericks then pay attention to the rhythm of the field control, the attack is not immediately back defense, Kanter and Adams inside the opportunity to attack, cool Wei little touch. Sure enough, no less than 1 times the second quarter did not get, there is no assists, the Mavericks took the opportunity to open the score. The second half of the Mavericks suddenly cheap nba inkjet photo paper strengthen the defense of the inside, the thunder to the distant shot, but half of the attack inside the thunder team feel nothing, Wei is also the case, half the team 9 throws in 0. Until the remaining 5 minutes and seconds before turning back by Wei Wei get the first half of the first battle score of the war.

The Mavericks have been very successful in limiting Wei, but as a superstar, he still has a way to score. Seeing unable to drive mate, Westbrook in the third quarter to wholesale inkjet photo paper open the scoring model, shot, cast, the impact of the basket, Westbrook half section of 15 points, three scored 29 points. But one of the force is difficult to shake the sophistication of the calf. Three thunder has fallen behind 17 points.

With the field the situation does not have what change, playing Dallas positions, and pay attention to cheap nba inkjet photo paper the anti back, fast thunder chance, even if the play is so westbrook. No, not open space, Westbrook in no way team mates, repeatedly missed shots, the thunder can only accept defeat of the situation.

Since the first quarter of 3 assists, Wei after only 2 assists in the second quarter of three. Thunder attack left only less than the number of players and insider players, can not be strung into a whole. Wei less than 10.1 assists in the field season, in order to lead the thunder to achieve the current record, when unable to drive wholesale inkjet photo paper his teammates, personal performance is also very difficult to work hard for each. Data show that this season, when less than 27 assists in less than 10 times, the thunder of 8 wins and 19 losses, while assists on the double game thunder wins and 9 losses online.

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NHL-季后赛强队对话 游骑兵客场2-1战胜棕熊

Two today the eastern territories, since only suffered a defeat coaching cheap nhl inkjet photo paper the Boston Bruins in the home court, the New York Rangers meet the challenge, with 32 saves ushered in the 35 birthday of Henrik Rehnquist, the Rangers away in adverse circumstances to beat 2:1 bear, gain valuable victory.

The opening, home court battle of the Boston Bruins darling, complete suppression of the Rangers, the latter 8 minutes before only 1 shot attempts, while the one or two group striker Bruins in continuous Henrik Rehnquist guarded the door before making threats. After the game, today ushered in the 35 birthday of Rehnquist is still cheap inkjet photo paper from china on the field the most busy people, seventh minutes, the Bruins again won the chance to grab the Rangers Defense Center let all transferred to the wall near the forward group, three groups of right-wing Jimmy Hayes from the wall near the ball out, but a hand pressure Rangers the defender, single handed the ball to the front of the inverted triangle, to keep up with the Bruins defender Colin Miller Rehnquist shot still failed in the face.

In section second, the Rangers began to strengthen the attack, but they still can not create a good chance to score after blocking the Rangers sanbanfu, Bruins continue to take the initiative on the field. Fourteenth minutes, the Bruins main center Patrice Burgin injured, but he missed only one rotation after returned to the bench. Eighteenth minutes, the return of Burgin was a great opportunity to partner Brad Marchand in the bottom zone instigated offensive cheap nhl inkjet photo paper his inverted triangle cross found “Geelong gate, but his wrist shot was Rehnquist and accurately grasp. The end of the second quarter both sides still failed to break the deadlock, Rehnquist face bears 20 shots did not give any chance to the opponent, but they just let the bears striker goalkeeper Toucas Lasker made 11 saves.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the bears still occupy the field active, but fifth minutes and 10 seconds, Bush Nevichi for the Rangers to break the deadlock, the former Rangers striker rob so bear defenders back too deep, Bush Nevichi received wholesale inkjet photo paper the blue line in the vicinity of teammate Nick Holden after shot on the right side wall distance, the ball into the near corner of the goal the net, the first time the Rangers third shot made contribution, 1:0.

Behind the Bruins continued onslaught, eighth minutes, Colin Miller in the blue line in the vicinity of long shots, Rehnquist throws the ball, Pasternack close the small angle volley backhand also rejected by Rehnquist. Jiugong Bruins back flaws appear again, Ninth minutes and 35 seconds, four Ranger group striker Oscar Lindberg brilliantly pulled the ball past Brandon Carlo backhand the ball, 2:0.Twelfth minutes and 56 seconds, the Bruins finally broke the shutout Rehnquist, Pasternack brilliantly cheap nhl inkjet photo paper through the two Rangers defender, Nick Holden was tripped before the ball to Rehnquist Marchand, although made plugging, but Marchand follow up again shooting finally scored the ball, 1:2.

Although the last time the bears started onslaught, but two minutes when David Barkis collision Rehnquist foul let the Bruins lost the last chance, the final by virtue of excellent performance Rehnquist, the rangers with a 2:1 victory over the Bruins, then scored cheap inkjet photo paper from china
against the opponent’s five game winning streak also gave their coaching 9 games in game second defeat.