Month: November 2017

Professional glossy photo paper-high quality 6 x 4 inkjet paper

As China’s leading inkjet manufacturer, women has been committed to providing various types of inkjet matte coated paper, glossy paper, inkjet best canvas, CD label, inkjet film and other materials for the market. We can supply 108g to 300g of various paper sizes and 12 “to 60” reel sizes of inkjet photo paper.

Enhanced high quality inkjet photo paper, instant drying, suitable for all kinds of inkjet printer 180gsm photo glossy  inkjet paper. Each package has 25 sheets, 210mm x 297mm. This cheap inkjet paper has been tested on all commonly used inkjet printers with ultra high resolution up to 5760 DPI, fast drying and stain resistance, and clear and sharp image quality.

Quality 6 x 4 photo paper 20 pack 260gsm grade. The true colors of digital images and print prints have been tested on all popular inkjet printers, quality 6 x 4 inkjet paper 50 pack 210gsm grade. It has been tested on all popular inkjet printers, with digital images and print true colors, ultra high resolution up to 5760dpi, fast drying, stain resistant and sharp image quality.

Print high quality photos of glass frames and photo albums. Bright white resin coated paper. Quick drying surface, antifouling and waterproof. Form type: N / A; global product type: photographic paper; paper type: N / A; paper size (width x high): 4 x 6 inches. Advanced glossy inkjet photo paper offers high quality, glossy prints, very suitable for glass frames, albums, and even magnification. Each package contains 100 4 x 6 inch photo paper, which is recommended for many Epson printers to provide borderless printing. This white inkjet paper has a bright white resin coating, which helps to quickly dry ink, prevent stains and bleeding.

The quality of the inkjet photo paper provides the appearance and feel of the traditional 35 millimeter photograph. The special coating looks like a high quality coating of traditional photographic paper, making your print photos look like they were created in the studio. Great high resolution digital photography. Heavier, thicker paper, extended service life. The extra weight provides realistic picture effects, designed to perfectly execute your inkjet printer, and keeps regular processing. Strong color saturation is also perfect for color photographs.

Epson A4 bright white inkjet paper


This high resolution glossy A4 size inkjet paper is suitable for printing patterns up to 5760dpi. It provides a very high copy depth for professional quality printing in the family. Lifelong security is supported by our “impeccable” policy. Our manufacturer’s products are completely tested for quality, designed for all inkjet printers and cartridges. The package contains 50 sheets of paper.

HP inkjet paper is well suited for presentations, recommendations, reports and briefings. Get a bright white paper and coating with matte finish color and clear text. Lighter than ordinary paper, lighter than booklet paper, HP advanced presentation paper is a professional paper, so that your presentation looks impressive in appearance. HP advanced demonstration paper with ink jet coating quality, matte surface bright colors and sharp black text – smooth, can achieve the best readability and influence.

500 sheets Epson A4 bright white inkjet paper can add professional touch to your daily printing needs. This piece of paper is perfect for printing memos, reports, letters and any other general office printing thanks to bright white, which will give it extra advantages.The quality of this cheap inkjet paper is as high as 90gsm, no coating on both sides, perfect to meet all your printing requirements. It will also help to give you a good green certificate, because it is made of 100% recycled paper for environmental protection. We have all kinds of paper to meet all of your printing requirements, whether for your ordinary daily office printing requirements or print high quality photos.

A4 inkjet paper provides an excellent combination of quality, reliability and value for money. Printing is a process in which printing, ink and paper work together to provide final quality output. Pure white coating specifications can also express metallic luster. Letters from 1440dpi. Suitable for printing, can vividly show the color of shade. Ink absorbency is excellent.