EPSON hot, glossy,  matte inkjet photo paper is an acid free 100% cotton rag with a bright texture. This paper has very high color gamut and black density. This fine art is not only acid, lignin and chlorine free, but also buffered with calcium carbonate, used in real archival paper.

  • 100% cotton hot press machine, long term wear
  • Die in traditional style
  • Acids and lignin are free and pH buffered to preserve art and photographs
  • High Dmax and wide color gamut
  • Bright white base

EPSON’s advanced photo paper gloss is one of the industry’s most trusted glossy inkjet paper because of its accurate color balance and proven test. Its high gloss adds depth and detail to your photos, making it a solid choice for portfolio and photo frames. Because it has a wide range of sizes available.EPSON’s advanced photo paper Semigloss offers elegant, beautiful results and realistic prints of the look and feel. With an elegant semi gloss, this cheap inkjet photo paper is ideal for print monitors, color scenes, or black and white. Because of its semi gloss surface, it is not recommended to laminate.

Weddings, portraits, and school photographers traditionally use glossy paper photographs. Now, EPSON offers this popular surface paper, glossy inkjet photo paper to digital printers. The instant drying paper produces vivid images comparable to conventional silver halide prints. Advanced gloss photo paper offers highly saturated prints, providing maximum ink coverage and high D-Max true photo reproductions. Its 10 mil RC base provides a photographic impression for the printer and keeps the paper free of vibration. Apply to all EPSON ink.Like all of EPSON’s innovative media, this article aims to provide you with the highest resolution and color saturation. As usual, EPSON supplies guaranteed EPSON quality.

EPSON’s traditional pattern package is an advanced photographic paper specially developed to meet the needs of the exhibition. The cheap inkjet photo paper offers special images of deep black and rich colors. The sample bag helps the test version obtained four new documents, each paper has a unique behavior, but to provide matte and gloss series, and smooth surface and texture, with different brightness, whiteness and thickness, in order to check your specific project requirements.