How to distinguish between good and bad inkjet photo paper

  • Use the feeling, hand to touch, feel the paper thickness, see whether the paper is smooth. Paper surface is smooth, solid good inkjet photo paper without paper, such printing paper to avoid damage to the printer, reduce damage degree, is good printing paper.
  • To tear or knead, easy to tear or typed up coarse, smell the smell, this paper is not pure wood pulp paper, added some chemical composition, easy generation confetti on the printer damage is very large.
  • Double layer or multilayer computer printing paper is not as thick as possible, paper moderately thick, uniform coating, in the last page are clear, uniform color, the paper in the middle of the color will be no problem, this paper is a good paper.

The simplest way to distinguish the paper quality is good or bad, is through the paper grams, each a piece of paper has its own weight, inkjet photo paper to prevent ink penetration, so significantly heavier than ordinary paper, ordinary photo printing paper weight about 180 g, and thickening of the weight of the photo printing paper in 230 grams left and right sides, can even reach 260 g. Be sure to consult the printer manual before purchasing. Some of the printers have requirements for the thickness of the paper. For example, the paper thickness requirement is below 200g.

Glossy photo paper the biggest characteristics is a photo of print surface has a layer of gloss, texture and visual effect and flushing photos are similar, some good quality glossy inkjet photo paper, craft is complex, often made of absorbing ink layer, resin layer and base layer, heat absorbing ink layer can ensure photo, moisture resistance, light resistance, etc., resin layer can block the ink penetration and flow, ensure the quality of print and colour and lustre is bright, the lowest for base layer, it can isolate the air outside, and have certain waterproof function, can have the effect of support for the photo paper setting, so is suitable for printing need to long-term preservation of the cover photo, report, etc., when paper of choose and buy, it is the preferred paper, high performance-price ratio.