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洛瑞三双德罗赞缺阵 猛龙客胜篮网

Beijing time on February 6th, the NBA regular season continues, the Raptors 103-95 away to beat the nets, the end of the two game losing streak. The Raptors side, Waland Nath scored 22 points and 5 rebounds, Ross 17 points and 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 15 points and 11 rebounds Lori harvest 11 assists three double, Carol 15 points and 5 rebounds, Powell 10 points and 6 rebounds and 3 assists.The nets Cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping have even defeated Lopez 20 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, Kilpatrick 18 points and 5 rebounds, Booker 15 points and 10 rebounds, Borda Aganovich 13 points and 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

After the opening, second minutes and 14 seconds, Brook – Lopez cicam shot foul, gave the nets 1 free throws. Sixth minutes and 27 seconds, Borda Aganovich slipped and lost the ball, Carol steals. Seventh minutes and 21 seconds, Norman – Powell with outstanding individual ability breakthrough defense nets, layup area. Toronto inside a big advantage, this festival a total of 16 rebounds, including Cheap inkjet photo paper 6 offensive rebounds, Norman – Powell a person with 3 rebounds. The nets fell into the trap errors, errors up to 6 times. The first section of Harding Park, the day the score was 26-24, Toronto leading.

The second section back, first minutes and 43 seconds, Dinwiddie assists, three shot hit booker. Ninth minutes and 23 seconds, Lori in Norwich Boda shot foul, gave the nets 2 free throws. Eleventh minutes and 56 seconds, Sikam slipped Cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping and lost the ball, Kilpatrick steals. The Raptors played with fluency, the team completed a total of 10 assists, including a Lori people for the team out of 5 passes. The nets fell into the trap errors, errors up to 9 times. At the end of the first half, the score was 55-43, Toronto leading.

Easy side battles Cheap inkjet photo paper the second half, fifth minutes and 26 seconds, Borda Aganovich assists feuillie three shot hit. Fifth minutes and 54 seconds, Jefferson cicam shot foul, the Raptors gave 2 free throws. Sixth minutes and 31 seconds, Norman – Powell hands the ball, Brook – Lopez steals. The three section is finished, the score is 12 points ahead of 75-63, toronto.

In section fourth, first minutes and 27 seconds, Hamilton with outstanding individual ability breakthrough Toronto defensive layup area. First minutes and 53 seconds, Lori hand slipped and lost the ball, was Booker steals. Second minutes and 54 seconds, Lori in Dinwiddie shot foul, gave the nets 2 free throws. The frequency of scoring Cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping three points in this section, the team voted 11 grain three, the hit rate of 45.45%. The Raptors repeatedly impact basket, get 12 free throws, 11 free throws, the hit rate reached 91.67%. The end of the game, the Raptors beat the nets to 103-95, achieved the victory.

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The game began, the home of the new England patriots decided to attack first. Come on, Tom Brady pass found tight end Bennet 12 yards, matara. Wide receiver cheap inkjet photo paper Julian Edelman then pass, get rid of the defense, 41 yards. Finally, kicker Stephen guest ‘hit a 31 yard free kick, the Patriots Steelers 3:0. The Steelers soon three out, and with the Patriots were Haag Leif Brady was captured and killed, had to punt.

The Steelers couldn’t advance to any ball range in the first half of patriots punt. Brady Chris long Hogan, 26 yards. Enter the Steelers half, Chris Hogan first ball 11 yards, 16 yards after the catch in the end zone, touchdown, the Patriots Steelers 10:0. Steelers running Weile viand Baer injured. The quarterback – Rothlisberger cross found Eli Rodgers, 16 yards. Competition into the second quarter, bench run DAngelo – Williams ball forward 15 yards. Antonio Brown has the ball 11 yards. Gerald – Williams Dean final 5 yards cheap inkjet photo paper rushing touchdown, kicker Chris Bose, additional points not shot, the Steelers 6:10 aigo. Brady Chris long Hogan, 22 yards. Enter the Steelers half, using the “Patriot flea tactics”, running back Duhem Lewis will return the ball ball Brady, Chris unguarded – Hogan, 34 yard touchdown. Aigo 17:6 leading the steelers. Then the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger for short, led the team into the red zone. In the end Jesse James came to catch one yard line, then DAngelo Williams for rushing to no avail, Steelers had to send kicker Chris Bose, hit a 23 yard free kick, the Steelers trailed 9:17 aigo. Before the end of the first half of the Patriots no achievements, the two teams with 8 points difference into the second half.

The second half of the Steelers soon third out. Brady Chris – Hogan again passes for 24 yards. The final kicker Stephen guest ‘hit a 47 yard free kick, the Patriots Steelers 20:9. The Steelers wide receiver Eli Rodgers completed 19 yard ball, Antonio – Brown ball 13 yards, but they did not go kick shot, had to punt. The Patriots cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping wide receiver Julian Edelman, the ball 17 yards, the guard James Devlin the ball 13 yards, Chris – Hogan ball 39 yards. Enter the red zone, Le Garrett Blount first rushed the ball 18 yards, after 1 yards rushing touchdown. Aigo 27:9 steelers.

The Steelers offense, Eli Rodgers after the ball off the ball, rob ninkovich Steelers in the 28 yard line will pick up the ball. Julian Edelman first ball 18 yards, 10 yards after catching a touchdown. Kicker Stephen guest ‘additional points in shooting. The Patriots in 70 seconds within 13 minutes, the score became 33:9. The Steelers wide receiver Sami coats’s ball scored 30 yards, Antonio Brown ball 18 yards. The game in the fourth quarter, the Steelers cheap inkjet photo paper came to the score line, three to 2 yards, Steelers wide receiver Kobe Hamilton completed the ball in the end zone, but because Hamilton had run out of bounds on the ball, the ball was canceled. Four file 2 yards, Kobe Hamilton could not finish the ball, hit four Steelers failed. Then three out of the patriot. Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger’s long pass by patriots cornerback Eric Lowe, steals the ball, the latter 37 return yards.

Wide receiver Julian Edelman the ball 13 yards, led the team into the red zone. Kicker Stephen guest ‘hit a 26 yard free kick, the Patriots Steelers 36:9. The game has already entered the garbage time, Ben Rothlisberger, Antonio Brown – continuous pass, the ball 11 yards, running back Angelo de Williams ball 10 yards. Finally, the Rothlisberger pass Kobe – Hamilton, 30 yard touchdown catch. Then, running back DAngelo Williams successfully converted two receptions cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping for 2 yards, the Patriots Steelers 17:36.With the Steelers gambling game play failed, then the end. The new England patriots home court 36:17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta falcons and realignment of the super bowl. This is Tom Brady occupation career seventh times into the super bowl.

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大帝22分盖帽平纪录 76人客场挑落雄鹿

The NBA regular season rematch, 76 113-104 away victory over the Bucks, avoid losing two to two opponent defeats at the same time.

After the opening, Ninth minutes and 44 seconds, Dario assists Saric, Nick stauth Castro three shot hit. Eleventh minutes and 25 seconds, Henderson passes, Ade Tor Quinn Bo steals. Eleventh minutes and 28 seconds, Nick stauth Castro in adetokunbo shot foul, the Bucks gave 2 free throws. 76 people inside a big advantage, this festival a total of 16 rebounds, including 7 offensive rebounds, including Joel embid de one contribution 3 rebounds. 76 frequency scoring cheap inkjet photo paper nba three points in this section, the team voted 13 grain three, the hit rate of 46.15%. The first section of Harding Park, the two sides do not compete with, draw 24-24 score.

The second section back, forty-fifth seconds, Sergio Rodrigues passes, Monroe steals. First seconds, Terry in Luwawu Caballo Te shot foul, gave 76 2 free throws. Ninth minutes and 24 seconds, received Brogden pass, Snell three point shot. 76 people fall into the trap of mistakes, errors up to 6 times. At the end of the half, the Bucks went to cheap inkjet photo paper nba the next section with a 8 point lead.

Easy to fight again, third minutes and 14 seconds, Henson Joel – embid de shot foul, gave 76 2 free throws. Fifth minutes and 6 seconds, Beasley slipped and lost the ball, by Nick stauth steals castro. Eighth minutes and 25 seconds, Parke with outstanding individual ability breakthrough 76 defense area layup. 76 people launched a frenzied attack cheap inkjet photo paper nba on the rebound, this section consists of 18 rebounds, including 8 offensive rebounds, Dario – Saric a person with 5 rebounds, with the basket edge counter ultra get 3 points ahead. 76 people built iron bastions on the defensive end, this day to send 5 shots, the opponent will be shot down to 45.45%. 76 frequency scoring three points in this section, the team voted 11 grain three, the hit rate of 45.45%. 76 people fall into the trap of mistakes, errors up to 7 times. After the three quarter, the score will be over 76 to 81-78.

In section fourth, second minutes and 13 seconds, Dario – Saric assists, Okafor scored 2 points and domineering dunk. Fifth minutes and 50 seconds, Brogden appeared passes, Henderson steals. Sixth minutes and 59 seconds, ilyasova defense cap was blown foul, gave the Bucks 2 free throws. 76 people launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section cheap inkjet photo paper nba consists of 17 rebounds, including 6 offensive rebounds, one of which Covington would contribute 3 rebounds, with the basket made 9 point lead advantage. 76 times the impact basket, get 16 free throws, 13 free throws, the hit rate reached 81.25%. At the end of the game, the 76 won the game with a 113-104 victory over the bucks.

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The start of the game, fighting away the Raiders attack first, they quickly put out three and punter Marquardt Kim, lucky is the chief Terrik Hill in attack back to punt out of the ball, the Raiders at the Emirates 38 yard line will pick up cheap inkjet photo paper nfl the ball half. The Raiders use this opportunity to hit a 44 yard free kick by kicker Sebastian Jeni ‘Raiders, chief 3:0. Emirates quarterback ‘short brother Arrakis – Alan Smith found wide receiver Chris Conley scored 39 yards. Enter the Raiders half, four stalls and 1 yards, the emirate does not choose to try any ball, running back Spencer Weil rushed the ball to no avail, chief of the ball away.

Since then the two teams abandoned each other. Emirates team ball, Arrakis Smith suddenly started the ball over Jeremy has display skills to the full, Mclean and tight end Travis Kelsey each scored 16 yards. The game has entered the second day, Tyreke Hill 36 yard passes the ball’s touchdown, chief 7:3 raiders. Raiders quarterback Derek Carle has not yet entered the state, they once again out of gear. Arrakis – Smith Travis – Kelsey passes for 28 yards, 31 yards long ball forward Chris Conley, Tyreke Hill also completed 16 yards forward, led the team to score line. Did Char endrick – West scored 3 yards in the final score, chief 14:3 raiders.

The Raiders again three out, Marquardt – Kim punt, Tyreke Hill regain good state against the Denver Broncos in the 78 return yards touchdown. The Emirates scored 21 points in the second quarter, home 21:3 leading raiders. The Raiders use the last 6 minutes of the first half of the time, rushed the ball finally established cheap inkjet photo paper nfl a effective attack by short and. In the end Clif Walford with short run down – 19 yards, running back Murray Weiesi lata ball 11 yards. Enter the red zone, wide receiver Michael Crabtree completed 12 yard ball, Murray Latta Weiesi 1 yards rushing touchdown, the Raiders chief 10:21.

The game into the second half, the chiefs first offense, quarterback Arrakis Smith to pass by the T.J. card interception. Take this opportunity, Sebastian – Jani Kowski hit 33 yards free kick, Raiders only 13:21 behind the score of 8. Arrakis Smith – chief again attack, the attack was the first ball Khalil Mark sacks, and dropped the ball, the ball will be picked up in the auto – denike. However, the assault team once again failed to take advantage of the opportunity to reach the array, only once again sent Sebastian – Jeni – Kowski. This time they try to fake shooting tactics, responsible for cheap inkjet photo paper nfl supporting ball Marquardt – Wulu can go Raiders the ball right away. In this way, Arrakis – Smith two turnovers in the second half of the team lost only about 3 points.

The third section has not yet more than half, and the game into the abandoned playing time, both teams are difficult to enter the other half. The game in the fourth quarter, Arrakis – Smith Travis – Kelsey scored 34 yards, but soon they had to punt on the free kick out of range. Since then the two teams abandoned each other. 7 minutes and 25 seconds left in the game, the Raiders again by passing and rushing the ball forward. Enter the Emirates half, four stalls for 4 yards, a touchdown cheap inkjet photo paper nfl in urgent need of Derek – Carle cross found Seth Roberts 13 yards, got the first attack. Enter the red zone, the Raiders cannot transform again four stalls, chief of victory. The final Emirates Home 21:13 8 points at home to beat the Raiders, maintained a victory against the Raiders of the five. At present, they and the Raiders with 10 wins and 3 losses, and temporarily occupy the top American with the outcome of the relationship between.

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Thunder on the road to 116-118 lost the Rockets team star Russell – Westbrook scored 49 points and 8 rebounds and 5 assists, hit 8 three pointers to a career high, although his personal performance has colorful pressure harden, but the thunder eventually regret opponents on the road.Because two people currently temporarily Westbrook harden MVP top two, so this match will naturally be regarded as a MVP dispute. In accordance with our past experience, the increasingly fierce competition will be able to inspire a greater degree of prestige less morale, of course, this is no exception. Westbrook today just begins on the road straight, averaging only Cheap inkjet photo paper hit points ranked twenty-fourth in the League of the Rockets, Westbrook knows what to do with myself tonight. Today, he will show in the first section of the best feel, 3 minutes a single shot of all the shots hit the 15 points, led the thunder took the lead in the field on the field advantage.

The second section of the game, re debut Westbrook offensive unabated, he will come in three from three in two caused Beverly foul penalty, and direct dialogue after harden, he is in the basket played a strong hand! However, although Wei in the second half will be cut 26 points, but due to the rocket season began to recover at the beginning of the second quarter, the thunder also showed a lack of depth of the lineup of the old problems, the end of the second half, they actually fell behind Cheap inkjet photo paper the Rockets by 11 points, but the Rockets are not able to play the role of the Rockets, the Rockets will be at the end of the second half of the Rockets, the Rockets will be less than three points.

The game into the second half, the team behind the more, Westbrook offensive posture has been further strengthened, in third he will hand in the first half of 4 record three points, but basketball is a sport of five people, it does not help Cheap inkjet photo paper the thunder get rid of the dilemma, the third quarter, the strong performance of Wei less is the difference of the field with further widening, although Westbrook at the end of the three he has got 40 points, but the thunder but with 14 points in the final section.

Distal game, buxinxie Westbrook continued to attack, but this time his efforts finally received a significant effect, with him at the end of the race distance and two half off three points again, only 1 points behind the thunder rocket, and after a period of time, both of you come to me, to each other the end, there are 24.6 seconds tied at 116 in the distance race. The thunder of normal time the “quasi” nature is the last attack by Wei less execution, he in 45 degrees on the right side of Cheap inkjet photo paper the face harden stem pulling three points out, although he is the game in the three ball projection frequently uncomfortable, but this time he failed to hit, this thunder also put the opportunity for the Rockets to win the game.

The last attack of the rocket, as the team leader Harden did not act on impulse, he chose to believe his teammates in the limited time, accurately give the ball to the inside of the vacancy Nene, who catch a thunder players dunk was pulled off the free throw line, Nene two free throws, match this Cheap inkjet photo paper final judgement.In this game, although Westbrook in the distal critical moment of repeated shots, so the team temporarily lost, but without him the first three strong performance, the thunder also unable to can be delayed until the last race winner, after all the thunder also need squad depth, if they want to win a better playoff position in April this year, the thunder general manager Presti will have to pay close attention to the limited time of a month (February will usher in the trade deadline), to help the team to complete ascension in the squad this season, otherwise they will probably doomed to failure.

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76 win again, getting better state of their last 10 games, won 8 games, winning the Spurs, and flat after the warriors. This is after a lapse of five years for the first time they made cheap inkjet photo paper nba winning 10 wins out of 8, it is no wonder that spurs coach Popovich said: “they are very pleased to see win.” Nebid of the game because of a knee injury (no matter), only played 22 minutes and scored 18 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists in 4 after capping, great in the social platform again: a great push to celebrate the victory of the team.

For 76 fans, is indeed a witness in the process — from the beginning of the season is hard to find a win, now the team to Shirupozhu, after waiting for the all star Simmons’s comeback, they expect the team cheap inkjet photo paper to return to the playoffs. Fortunately, the emperor’s injury is not serious, he said in an interview: “everything looks good, I feel good.” The victory did not work today Covington, he scored 17 for 8 in the last two, three points is the highlight of the full killer! After the game, Covington said: “I am a fighter, has always been the case. The fans booed me for a while, I just kept going, it was the most important thing.”

Nebid in the game repeatedly fouled ground, so the two degree knee injury in into the locker room after checking back on the sidelines, but the coach did not let him play. When Covington hit a goal, we de first cheap inkjet photo paper nba jumped up from the bench to congratulate his teammates. Although this is the end of his rookie season, Germany has been based on their ability to become a team leader, he said: “these guys are very interesting, when the game like this even you have the capability to everybody (from adversity) pull out.”

In fact, Nebid today is expected to continue to write his rookie season scoring record of 20+, he is one game with Allen – Iverson rookie record, but in the end did not get a chance to play can not help cheap inkjet photo paper but feel sorry. In this regard, coach Brown said: he has been put into the game, we should be accustomed to this, this is his. As he continues to grow up and play more games, he will not be able to avoid the situation even more often.”

NBA yesterday announced the all star lineup, we de in the fan vote at the eastern front third, but lost the vote in the media and the players, therefore not selected. Coach Brown has said he will try to communicate cheap inkjet photo paper nba with some of the team’s coaches and try to get the big man on the bench.” The Blazers at the end of the first half of 76 leading 13 points, but the beginning of the second half, but it was against a strong counterattack, finally paratelum was reversed. The key moment first Lillard two penalty in a given Covington quasi lore opportunities for success, finally Plumlee and missed Juesha shooting. Coach Stotz expressed regret for the defeat: “I think we played hard and I thought we deserved to win the game.” This is also a psychological portrayal of the pioneers team.

Next, the Blazers will end their four trip in Boston, 76 people will go to Atlanta at present against fourth in the eastern part of the eagle.

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哈登引领末节一波流 骚气舞姿一扫昨日阴霾

The Rockets returned to the home court in 111 back-to-back 92 victory over the Bucks, avoid losing streak. Harden the game played 37 minutes, 25 throw in 14 scored 38 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, failure is only 2 times, is very high.

Before today’s game, the Rockets in 4 games to 3 defeat. Although the team has been through the sweet, but harden personal performance is still MVP level. In an upset loss to the cheap inkjet photo paper bottom second of the league in the heat of the game, harden scored 40+12+10 large three pairs, but can not bring a win for the team.

As Anderson continues to out with the flu, the team lost a key player can space the floor, so the team closer to harden breakthrough. In the face of athletic bucks, the Rockets had a poor start by the opponent hit 4 than 12, harden by air dunk cut personal cheap inkjet photo paper nba field of the first branch. In the face of the defensive rookie Brogden, Harden did not encounter too challenging, first easily scored 8 points.

The second section rest half section of time, harden returned to the market, he set up Harel’s easy basket, then into the inside of their continuous points, in the first half played 18 to 0 attack climax, one will be opened to the poor 15!Although the night before harden played 39 minutes, and the team back to Houston from Miami, but he did not show tired today. A defensive game in the third quarter, harden returned to active up cheap inkjet photo paper against the basket, long arms rarely give each other a center Monroe! Although the absolute speed of harden not the top, but he depends on his own rhythm in alliance. Small game, harden the Greek letter singled out the monster brother, he succeeded on the speed and rhythm of the break layup, for other players are likely to eat a big hat.

Then harden playing along, he singled out Parke, step back three shots hit the hollow, will be opened to the poor 13! Hit after harden very excited again this season, the new celebration – Sao full gas twist from cheap inkjet photo paper nba the arms. In the Bucks stop after harden’s performance is not over, outside he not only oneself again, also assists Gordon to hit seventh record three points, led the team with a game completely will flow away, the heat lost yesterday swept away the haze.

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先发五人全部上双 掘金击败湖人升西部第8

NBA regular season continues, the Lakers home court against the Denver Nuggets starting five all scored in double figures, they resisted the Lakers last day back to 127-121 beat the Lakers, ushered in the three row, up to eighth in the west.

The first section of the game, opening the Nuggets darling hit 8-4 lead, Ingram and Yang three consecutive hits, the Lakers ahead. Farid dunk, Joki continuous hook, Denver inside occupy the active leading 16-12. Not only the inside of the dominant, Nuggets outside the God is also accurate, Mudie hit three points, points difference of up to 9 points. The Lakers’ second team cheap inkjet photo paper debut to narrow the points difference, but Barton and Gallinari three consecutive hits, Farid jumper, Denver 34-21 lead to 13 points. Randall 2 penalty 2, Nielsen cast Jialinali dunks, extended the lead to 15 points. Randall 2+1, Jialinali cut layup, the end of the first section of the Nuggets 40-26 leading 14 points.

The Lakers are tenacious, start the second quarter with a flow to only 7 points. Nur Kikki and Chandler helped the Nuggets lead again to two digits, Ingram and Clarkson Glenealy 5 points, Black hook shot, the Lakers only 3 points to 42-45. Chandler played 2+1, Barton three consecutive hits, Nuggets 54-44 again lead to cheap inkjet photo paper the point of 10. With the expansion of Barton Yang Biao, Russell also hit three points, Black empty dunks, the Lakers to 6 points. But, the Lakers never further, Farid layup, Mudi AI dunks, Denver 64-52 lead to 12 points. Half of the last moment, Black shot, Mudie 2 free throws, Denver 66-54 lead 12 minutes into the second half.

In section third, the Lakers again counterattack will narrow the difference to single digits, but the Lakers’ defense was too bad, Barton hit three points, Farid layup, Joki also hit three points, and the difference reached 15 points. Yang hit three points to help the Lakers continue their lives, but Mudie and Joki scored in a row, the difference is getting bigger and bigger to achieve a score of 16 points. Although Clarkson and Williams scored two consecutive backcourt, but one person Joki Glenealy 10 points. The Lakers, Nuggets 101-82 lead to 19 points, this is the biggest difference. Before the end cheap inkjet photo paper of the third quarter, Ingram dunk, the Lakers trailing by 17 points in the end.

The distal opening, the Lakers still did not give up, Zubaqi dunks, Yang jumper, Clarkson 2 free throws, the Lakers get only 11 points. After the game did not enter the garbage time, but into the white hot stage, Clarkson and Zubazi after the Lakers to continuous points, only 9 points, Murray hit three points for cheap inkjet photo paper the Nuggets solidity, Williams layup, 10 points. For Joki, Barton and other main nuggets, two players will contribute scored 4 points, but Williams and Clarkson with three points, free throws the ball even get 6 points, only 8 points to the lakers.

The last 4 minutes of the game into the climax, Yang and Williams hit three consecutive points, only 2 points to the lakers. Joki 2 free throws, Williams immediately answered cheap inkjet photo paper with a layup, Jialinali jumper, Denver 4 points ahead. Clarkson again three points, Chandler layup, Zubazi 2 penalty 1, Barton cut the Nuggets layup, 4 points ahead, a foregone conclusion. Finally, the Nuggets beat the Lakers in the game narrowly won 3 straight.

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阿杜25+9+6库里24+6+5 勇士一波流带走活塞迎3连胜

The warriors have recently suffered a series of challenges from the centre of excellence, after allowing to score 17 points and only a quarter of a rebound, the last time they let Whiteside explode with a score of 28 points and a rebound. In the first battle of the season and the pistons, the warriors managed to limit Drummond (15 points and 9 rebounds), can they limit the number of Drummond again today?

Drummond did pose a great threat to the warriors, although his first attack was Pachulia off the ball, but he immediately cover off Durant at the defensive end of the basket, and then grab offensive rebounds two times to complete the attack. The two teams feel very good, in the first quarter to 7 minutes and 26 seconds, Drummond once again hit the basket succeeded, led the pistons to cheap inkjet photo paper nba chase the score of 13. The two teams were playing in the big open, 1 minutes and 07 seconds left in the first quarter, Ma Yang Norwich off Bulan, piston will score to 30-29. But in the remainder of this section, the piston continuous mistakes, including the bottom line of the ball was Curitiba steals, Clark even two record three points, helping the warriors during a 8-0 spurt, taking a 37-30 lead in the first quarter at the end.

The first section of the piston 23 hit rate reached 59.1% in 13, 4 Drummond 4 (2 ft 2) with 10 points; but the warriors 23 shooting up to 68.2% in 15, of which 6 (two in the library 7 three pointers) scored 14 points, but he also appeared 6 turnovers.The festival opening warriors then hit a ball, but the piston did not collapse, in this section with 7 minutes and 01 seconds, Maurice hit the jumper, they also with a 8-0 run to score 41. Competition once again into a stalemate, the two sides alternately rise. In this section with 22 seconds left, Jackson singled out cheap inkjet photo paper nba the curry layup, the warriors in the next attack, Curitiba also completed a layup, and upon Drummond to complete the three attack. After halftime, the warriors made 60-58’s lead.

The warriors played basketball team, while the piston is alone, the first half both teams dropped into 25 balls, but the warriors in assists to win 19-9. The first half of the two teams have 21 times the lead in the lead, this season, the Champions League matches the number of times the number of lead.In the past two games, the warriors are the first half cheap inkjet photo paper nba performance is not good, shooting 46.1%, three point shooting 25.9%, lost a total of 8 points; all play better — the shooting average is 50%, the three pointer hit rate of 48.3%, has won 31 points in the second half they.

In the game of the third quarter, the warriors will play better than in the first half, in the first 5 minutes and 06 seconds, they force the piston had 4 turnovers, in this section with 5 minutes 56 seconds, curry throws two balls, the warriors 10-0 to complete a wave of attacks, has opened the score to 78-65. The piston is hard to get a smooth attack, their offensive efficiency also decreased significantly, in this section with 48 seconds left, Curitiba hit three outside, the warriors have opened the score to 98-75. Harris in the cast after the hit, curry and assists Clark to hit three points, the three day after the warriors made the 101-77 lead. The first three quarters of cheap inkjet photo paper nba the warriors have sent out a second aid, shooting rate is still as high as 55.1% (69 shots in the middle of the 38), of which three points and 25 shots in the hit rate of 14 to reach 56%.

The huge difference so early in the game to lose the suspense, in order to avoid the encounter comeback, let Green, Thompson and Durant warriors in the fourth quarter of each played a few minutes left in the game 4 minutes 28 seconds, Durant hit three outside, 118-96 is still the leading warrior of more than 22 points. The piston did not pose a threat, they eventually lost to the warriors to 107-127, following the 2014-15 season was again swept the warriors.

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连续两场40+三双 哈登率队剑指西部第二

The Rockets A new force suddenly rises. this season, partly because of Harden to play the guard will be exceptional, the Rockets offense in tandem with; on the other hand is just this season Gordon joined the team with more firepower, be roughly the same Cheap inkjet photo paper in the three list of curitiba. But this game before the season have a chance to compete the best sixth Gordon exposed the injury can not play, the team offensive burden also naturally to harden the shoulders.

After opening the harden would show a strong dominance, a record three points and two assists to lead the team to split out a wave of 10-0, of which 10 points 8 points are associated with him, in one fell swoop the Hornets hit stop. Suspend the return after the Hornets will catch up Cheap inkjet photo paper and overtake the score, while Harden hit two three pointers, and assists Breuer layup in before the end of the first quarter once again established a 6 point lead, Harden had scored 14 points and 4 assists.

Half of the game more than 2 minutes left, to harden and lead, the Rockets have opened the score disparity to 20 points, only half harden scored 22 points and 7 rebounds and 6 assists.After the start of the game with the Hornets paratelum, harden not present time continuous runs, left in the game 2 and a half of the success over 20 points and over a. However, the fans on the scene Cheap inkjet photo paper did not have the slightest tension, because they know that the team can save them.

After the really pause back, harden first assists Ryan Anderson hit the bottom three points, helping the Rockets completed ahead; a subsequent attack, he broke into the basket firmly hit a layup, will be widened to 4 points. The Hornets did not surrender, Kemba Walker hit three points off Cheap inkjet photo paper the unreasonable ball. But harden is without mercy, with their own signature eurostep Akira defender, a left-handed layup, succeeded in killing game.

The game harden one scored 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in the three large two consecutive games, scored 40+ three double, Jordan, Maravich, Westbrook become after the fourth in the history of the NBA do a little. While the Rockets have also made Cheap inkjet photo paper the second time this season nine wins, winning by only third in the West gap. It is only a matter of time before you believe that there is such a great leader in the team and it is only second of the west.

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