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曝韦德或因左膝肿胀无缘对阵骑士 老将更需韬光养晦     Officials said 76 people – Joel and Bardi – embid de Pelican Hilde were elected East rookie of the year December.

The 22 year old German embid throughout December averaged 19.8 points, 6.8 rebounds and 2.4 blocks were to lead all rookies. In addition, he made 73 free throws in the 10 game, creating a new high, hit rate of up to 78.1%. This month, the last 5 games in his 4 game scoring more than cheap inkjet photo paper 23 points, one of the most high optical performance than the 76 beat nets game gains career high 33 points and 10 rebounds.

The 23 year old Hilde in December averaged 10.6 points, three points hit rate of 47.8% were leading the West rookie, he hit 33 single month record three points are all the first grade students in the most. In all 16 games, Hilde scored for the 9 time in double the end of the month three games he is scoring more than 12 points, helping the team to gain 3 wins. He played most of high cheap inkjet photo paper optical performance than the pelican beating the Pacers gains a career high 21 points, hit the 5 record three points.

Official wizards John wall and rocket James harden were elected in December of the best player.

The eastern wall throughout December averaging 10.7 assists and 2.67 steals all lead, averaging 24.5 points in the eastern five, under the leadership of his genius to harvest 10 wins 5 of the negative record, this is the first time since December 2014, monthly harvest 10 wins.The eastern alliance was cheap inkjet photo paper the best player in December last week, only three in scoring and assists the double one of the players, and harden and Chris Paul as the clippers.

This month Wall, the high performance light from the wizards and the magic game on the spot, he won a career high 52 points.Harden throughout December averaged 12 assists to lead the league, averaging 28.3 points in the League four, by virtue of his dominant play the Rockets get 15 wins and 2 losses record, tied the single game record in team cheap inkjet photo paper history Yuesheng, they averaged 12.9 points margin of victory.This month Harden, the high light performance of the rocket and the Nicks game, he won a career high 53 points on the spot, 17 assists and 16 rebounds, became the first league history play 50+15+15 player.


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复出砍21+8+6关键时刻却遭弃用 “保保”心里苦     After three games due to injury, the original decision to return to the game at the weekend against the Rockets Chris – Paul today ahead of time. Worrying is that during his absence, the Clippers three games all negative, and the fifth thunder wins Cheap inkjet photo paper more and more small. Due to Griffin’s long-term injury, today, Paul is able to return to the team in time, both in terms of combat or spirit can bring the whole team to enhance. As one of the league’s best backcourt player, Paul today’s performance remained stable, but the Clippers team feel bad, eventually lost to the New Orleans pelicans on the road.
Three minutes before the opening, each only 2 respectively, the clippers have consecutive offensive rebounds into scoring. Paul grabbed offensive rebounds, missed the friend, then the Clippers offensive board, Paul finally hit the bottom at three points for Cheap inkjet photo paper break the scoring drought. The first section of the Clippers 27-19 lead, Paul played 7 minutes and had 5 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.
The second day after three minutes, Paul returned to the game and repeatedly sent pass, but his teammates have continuously wasted opportunity. In this period, Paul made Cheap inkjet photo paper a holiday three fouls, the decision to make the pelican coach greatly dissatisfied, Gentry eventually expelled eat T. After Paul for the division of Bates and the were sent assists to help these two teammates get their first points today.
At the beginning of the second half, Paul himself does not shoot after the offensive board, he has made 7 rebounds. At the same time can not help but look forward to the game Paul can get three pairs. In fact, the team lost due to shooting star, as the most offensive rebounds and 7 rebounds, but his assists but has not increased. No way, can only do! In the third quarter hit a record Cheap inkjet photo paper of three points, Paul got a chance to rest. There are 9 minutes paratelum, he again returned to the field, the Clippers 82-86 behind. Paul and then Rivers, this small finally hit! However, the distal Pelican attack has maintained a strong momentum, Paul has missed two ball after the mobile phone will no longer waste, to invest in better grasp the distance, so after somebody hit two jumper.
From the end of the game there is a minute, the pelican passes after Paul steals, assists Crawford, who scored a breakthrough. The final 13.6 seconds, the Clippers catch 98-101, Rivers called the last pause, back then did not play paul! The Clippers without captain seaman lost again, not Felton lore, the Clippers unfortunately lost! Of course, as a player is to listen to the coach, but the key moment to turn the tide of the star paratelum almost sitting on the bench, the tactical coach Rivers really made it difficult to Cheap inkjet photo paper understand. Of course, the game Paul’s performance has been impeccable, 15 in 7 had 21 points and 8 rebounds and 6 assists, hoping that under his leadership, the fourth clippers can back in time.

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