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神奇三分令主队绝望 里程碑之夜詹皇闪耀全场

James defeated Nicks in the last World War, and he was the youngest in the history of 28000 years, with the exception of the fact that he was the youngest player cheap inkjet photo paper nba in the history of the world to win over him by the time he was in the Madison Square Garden. Today’s war, James double welcome milestone, with the perfect data to lead the team adventure clearance.

The first section of the game, James is the milepost to early, he sent Erwin pass, the latter at the three point hand from a knife down, the ball firmly scored. With this assists, James overtook Lenny Wilkens, among the league history, thirteenth assists. James’s record is still in the refresh, the end of the second quarter, James will cut off the wall surrounded cheap inkjet photo paper by the knight, the ball, earned a steals he succeeded beyond Magic Johnson, came to the history of twentieth steals.Since then, James has become the history of the league only one scoring, assists and steals are top 20 player. But in the second half his Cavaliers still lag behind.

Easy side battles, James continued to play with the organizers of the attack, the activation of the single pass teammate, sent 5 assists, frequently to Carrefour and Thompson fed the ball, they can even score inside and out. Knight also finally lead, with a 4 point advantage into the distal.See the full bloom of the fourth section of the wizard, playing momentum, James finally come forward. Open three cast a hand, so a get out of hand, three points behind the two attempt, he scored the cheap inkjet photo paper nba ball in the same position, let the game is still a suspense. At the same time, James is not a person alone, he still trust her, continuous assists Kyle Korver and Le Fu, he assists individual has come to 17, refresh the career record.

This section of the last 10 seconds, James was a sinner, he promoted Akira defensive backcourt layup, but in the face of the empty basket he had scored, let the knight in the last 3.4 seconds are still 1 points behind, then he shuangshoubaotou cheap inkjet photo paper looked very upset and helpless. But when you think James should match back when the pot, he turned back to a high degree of difficulty three points to his name again. Overtime came too suddenly, let the fans face home court filled with despair.

Although overtime just started, James had 6 fouls and leave, but the Cavs did not let the victory slip away again. The audience down, James played cheap inkjet photo paper nba 42 minutes, 18 shots, three ball 8 throw in 6, scored 32 points and 17 assists and 7 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks of data. On a personal milestone night, when the team is desperate to break the rumors with the victory to rebuild confidence, James’s performance is precious.

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洛瑞三双德罗赞缺阵 猛龙客胜篮网

Beijing time on February 6th, the NBA regular season continues, the Raptors 103-95 away to beat the nets, the end of the two game losing streak. The Raptors side, Waland Nath scored 22 points and 5 rebounds, Ross 17 points and 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 15 points and 11 rebounds Lori harvest 11 assists three double, Carol 15 points and 5 rebounds, Powell 10 points and 6 rebounds and 3 assists.The nets Cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping have even defeated Lopez 20 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, Kilpatrick 18 points and 5 rebounds, Booker 15 points and 10 rebounds, Borda Aganovich 13 points and 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

After the opening, second minutes and 14 seconds, Brook – Lopez cicam shot foul, gave the nets 1 free throws. Sixth minutes and 27 seconds, Borda Aganovich slipped and lost the ball, Carol steals. Seventh minutes and 21 seconds, Norman – Powell with outstanding individual ability breakthrough defense nets, layup area. Toronto inside a big advantage, this festival a total of 16 rebounds, including Cheap inkjet photo paper 6 offensive rebounds, Norman – Powell a person with 3 rebounds. The nets fell into the trap errors, errors up to 6 times. The first section of Harding Park, the day the score was 26-24, Toronto leading.

The second section back, first minutes and 43 seconds, Dinwiddie assists, three shot hit booker. Ninth minutes and 23 seconds, Lori in Norwich Boda shot foul, gave the nets 2 free throws. Eleventh minutes and 56 seconds, Sikam slipped Cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping and lost the ball, Kilpatrick steals. The Raptors played with fluency, the team completed a total of 10 assists, including a Lori people for the team out of 5 passes. The nets fell into the trap errors, errors up to 9 times. At the end of the first half, the score was 55-43, Toronto leading.

Easy side battles Cheap inkjet photo paper the second half, fifth minutes and 26 seconds, Borda Aganovich assists feuillie three shot hit. Fifth minutes and 54 seconds, Jefferson cicam shot foul, the Raptors gave 2 free throws. Sixth minutes and 31 seconds, Norman – Powell hands the ball, Brook – Lopez steals. The three section is finished, the score is 12 points ahead of 75-63, toronto.

In section fourth, first minutes and 27 seconds, Hamilton with outstanding individual ability breakthrough Toronto defensive layup area. First minutes and 53 seconds, Lori hand slipped and lost the ball, was Booker steals. Second minutes and 54 seconds, Lori in Dinwiddie shot foul, gave the nets 2 free throws. The frequency of scoring Cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping three points in this section, the team voted 11 grain three, the hit rate of 45.45%. The Raptors repeatedly impact basket, get 12 free throws, 11 free throws, the hit rate reached 91.67%. The end of the game, the Raptors beat the nets to 103-95, achieved the victory.

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