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哈登引领末节一波流 骚气舞姿一扫昨日阴霾

The Rockets returned to the home court in 111 back-to-back 92 victory over the Bucks, avoid losing streak. Harden the game played 37 minutes, 25 throw in 14 scored 38 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, failure is only 2 times, is very high.

Before today’s game, the Rockets in 4 games to 3 defeat. Although the team has been through the sweet, but harden personal performance is still MVP level. In an upset loss to the cheap inkjet photo paper bottom second of the league in the heat of the game, harden scored 40+12+10 large three pairs, but can not bring a win for the team.

As Anderson continues to out with the flu, the team lost a key player can space the floor, so the team closer to harden breakthrough. In the face of athletic bucks, the Rockets had a poor start by the opponent hit 4 than 12, harden by air dunk cut personal cheap inkjet photo paper nba field of the first branch. In the face of the defensive rookie Brogden, Harden did not encounter too challenging, first easily scored 8 points.

The second section rest half section of time, harden returned to the market, he set up Harel’s easy basket, then into the inside of their continuous points, in the first half played 18 to 0 attack climax, one will be opened to the poor 15!Although the night before harden played 39 minutes, and the team back to Houston from Miami, but he did not show tired today. A defensive game in the third quarter, harden returned to active up cheap inkjet photo paper against the basket, long arms rarely give each other a center Monroe! Although the absolute speed of harden not the top, but he depends on his own rhythm in alliance. Small game, harden the Greek letter singled out the monster brother, he succeeded on the speed and rhythm of the break layup, for other players are likely to eat a big hat.

Then harden playing along, he singled out Parke, step back three shots hit the hollow, will be opened to the poor 13! Hit after harden very excited again this season, the new celebration – Sao full gas twist from cheap inkjet photo paper nba the arms. In the Bucks stop after harden’s performance is not over, outside he not only oneself again, also assists Gordon to hit seventh record three points, led the team with a game completely will flow away, the heat lost yesterday swept away the haze.

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先发五人全部上双 掘金击败湖人升西部第8

NBA regular season continues, the Lakers home court against the Denver Nuggets starting five all scored in double figures, they resisted the Lakers last day back to 127-121 beat the Lakers, ushered in the three row, up to eighth in the west.

The first section of the game, opening the Nuggets darling hit 8-4 lead, Ingram and Yang three consecutive hits, the Lakers ahead. Farid dunk, Joki continuous hook, Denver inside occupy the active leading 16-12. Not only the inside of the dominant, Nuggets outside the God is also accurate, Mudie hit three points, points difference of up to 9 points. The Lakers’ second team cheap inkjet photo paper debut to narrow the points difference, but Barton and Gallinari three consecutive hits, Farid jumper, Denver 34-21 lead to 13 points. Randall 2 penalty 2, Nielsen cast Jialinali dunks, extended the lead to 15 points. Randall 2+1, Jialinali cut layup, the end of the first section of the Nuggets 40-26 leading 14 points.

The Lakers are tenacious, start the second quarter with a flow to only 7 points. Nur Kikki and Chandler helped the Nuggets lead again to two digits, Ingram and Clarkson Glenealy 5 points, Black hook shot, the Lakers only 3 points to 42-45. Chandler played 2+1, Barton three consecutive hits, Nuggets 54-44 again lead to cheap inkjet photo paper the point of 10. With the expansion of Barton Yang Biao, Russell also hit three points, Black empty dunks, the Lakers to 6 points. But, the Lakers never further, Farid layup, Mudi AI dunks, Denver 64-52 lead to 12 points. Half of the last moment, Black shot, Mudie 2 free throws, Denver 66-54 lead 12 minutes into the second half.

In section third, the Lakers again counterattack will narrow the difference to single digits, but the Lakers’ defense was too bad, Barton hit three points, Farid layup, Joki also hit three points, and the difference reached 15 points. Yang hit three points to help the Lakers continue their lives, but Mudie and Joki scored in a row, the difference is getting bigger and bigger to achieve a score of 16 points. Although Clarkson and Williams scored two consecutive backcourt, but one person Joki Glenealy 10 points. The Lakers, Nuggets 101-82 lead to 19 points, this is the biggest difference. Before the end cheap inkjet photo paper of the third quarter, Ingram dunk, the Lakers trailing by 17 points in the end.

The distal opening, the Lakers still did not give up, Zubaqi dunks, Yang jumper, Clarkson 2 free throws, the Lakers get only 11 points. After the game did not enter the garbage time, but into the white hot stage, Clarkson and Zubazi after the Lakers to continuous points, only 9 points, Murray hit three points for cheap inkjet photo paper the Nuggets solidity, Williams layup, 10 points. For Joki, Barton and other main nuggets, two players will contribute scored 4 points, but Williams and Clarkson with three points, free throws the ball even get 6 points, only 8 points to the lakers.

The last 4 minutes of the game into the climax, Yang and Williams hit three consecutive points, only 2 points to the lakers. Joki 2 free throws, Williams immediately answered cheap inkjet photo paper with a layup, Jialinali jumper, Denver 4 points ahead. Clarkson again three points, Chandler layup, Zubazi 2 penalty 1, Barton cut the Nuggets layup, 4 points ahead, a foregone conclusion. Finally, the Nuggets beat the Lakers in the game narrowly won 3 straight.

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