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76 win again, getting better state of their last 10 games, won 8 games, winning the Spurs, and flat after the warriors. This is after a lapse of five years for the first time they made cheap inkjet photo paper nba winning 10 wins out of 8, it is no wonder that spurs coach Popovich said: “they are very pleased to see win.” Nebid of the game because of a knee injury (no matter), only played 22 minutes and scored 18 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists in 4 after capping, great in the social platform again: a great push to celebrate the victory of the team.

For 76 fans, is indeed a witness in the process — from the beginning of the season is hard to find a win, now the team to Shirupozhu, after waiting for the all star Simmons’s comeback, they expect the team cheap inkjet photo paper to return to the playoffs. Fortunately, the emperor’s injury is not serious, he said in an interview: “everything looks good, I feel good.” The victory did not work today Covington, he scored 17 for 8 in the last two, three points is the highlight of the full killer! After the game, Covington said: “I am a fighter, has always been the case. The fans booed me for a while, I just kept going, it was the most important thing.”

Nebid in the game repeatedly fouled ground, so the two degree knee injury in into the locker room after checking back on the sidelines, but the coach did not let him play. When Covington hit a goal, we de first cheap inkjet photo paper nba jumped up from the bench to congratulate his teammates. Although this is the end of his rookie season, Germany has been based on their ability to become a team leader, he said: “these guys are very interesting, when the game like this even you have the capability to everybody (from adversity) pull out.”

In fact, Nebid today is expected to continue to write his rookie season scoring record of 20+, he is one game with Allen – Iverson rookie record, but in the end did not get a chance to play can not help cheap inkjet photo paper but feel sorry. In this regard, coach Brown said: he has been put into the game, we should be accustomed to this, this is his. As he continues to grow up and play more games, he will not be able to avoid the situation even more often.”

NBA yesterday announced the all star lineup, we de in the fan vote at the eastern front third, but lost the vote in the media and the players, therefore not selected. Coach Brown has said he will try to communicate cheap inkjet photo paper nba with some of the team’s coaches and try to get the big man on the bench.” The Blazers at the end of the first half of 76 leading 13 points, but the beginning of the second half, but it was against a strong counterattack, finally paratelum was reversed. The key moment first Lillard two penalty in a given Covington quasi lore opportunities for success, finally Plumlee and missed Juesha shooting. Coach Stotz expressed regret for the defeat: “I think we played hard and I thought we deserved to win the game.” This is also a psychological portrayal of the pioneers team.

Next, the Blazers will end their four trip in Boston, 76 people will go to Atlanta at present against fourth in the eastern part of the eagle.

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哈登引领末节一波流 骚气舞姿一扫昨日阴霾

The Rockets returned to the home court in 111 back-to-back 92 victory over the Bucks, avoid losing streak. Harden the game played 37 minutes, 25 throw in 14 scored 38 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, failure is only 2 times, is very high.

Before today’s game, the Rockets in 4 games to 3 defeat. Although the team has been through the sweet, but harden personal performance is still MVP level. In an upset loss to the cheap inkjet photo paper bottom second of the league in the heat of the game, harden scored 40+12+10 large three pairs, but can not bring a win for the team.

As Anderson continues to out with the flu, the team lost a key player can space the floor, so the team closer to harden breakthrough. In the face of athletic bucks, the Rockets had a poor start by the opponent hit 4 than 12, harden by air dunk cut personal cheap inkjet photo paper nba field of the first branch. In the face of the defensive rookie Brogden, Harden did not encounter too challenging, first easily scored 8 points.

The second section rest half section of time, harden returned to the market, he set up Harel’s easy basket, then into the inside of their continuous points, in the first half played 18 to 0 attack climax, one will be opened to the poor 15!Although the night before harden played 39 minutes, and the team back to Houston from Miami, but he did not show tired today. A defensive game in the third quarter, harden returned to active up cheap inkjet photo paper against the basket, long arms rarely give each other a center Monroe! Although the absolute speed of harden not the top, but he depends on his own rhythm in alliance. Small game, harden the Greek letter singled out the monster brother, he succeeded on the speed and rhythm of the break layup, for other players are likely to eat a big hat.

Then harden playing along, he singled out Parke, step back three shots hit the hollow, will be opened to the poor 13! Hit after harden very excited again this season, the new celebration – Sao full gas twist from cheap inkjet photo paper nba the arms. In the Bucks stop after harden’s performance is not over, outside he not only oneself again, also assists Gordon to hit seventh record three points, led the team with a game completely will flow away, the heat lost yesterday swept away the haze.

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