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连续两场40+三双 哈登率队剑指西部第二

The Rockets A new force suddenly rises. this season, partly because of Harden to play the guard will be exceptional, the Rockets offense in tandem with; on the other hand is just this season Gordon joined the team with more firepower, be roughly the same Cheap inkjet photo paper in the three list of curitiba. But this game before the season have a chance to compete the best sixth Gordon exposed the injury can not play, the team offensive burden also naturally to harden the shoulders.

After opening the harden would show a strong dominance, a record three points and two assists to lead the team to split out a wave of 10-0, of which 10 points 8 points are associated with him, in one fell swoop the Hornets hit stop. Suspend the return after the Hornets will catch up Cheap inkjet photo paper and overtake the score, while Harden hit two three pointers, and assists Breuer layup in before the end of the first quarter once again established a 6 point lead, Harden had scored 14 points and 4 assists.

Half of the game more than 2 minutes left, to harden and lead, the Rockets have opened the score disparity to 20 points, only half harden scored 22 points and 7 rebounds and 6 assists.After the start of the game with the Hornets paratelum, harden not present time continuous runs, left in the game 2 and a half of the success over 20 points and over a. However, the fans on the scene Cheap inkjet photo paper did not have the slightest tension, because they know that the team can save them.

After the really pause back, harden first assists Ryan Anderson hit the bottom three points, helping the Rockets completed ahead; a subsequent attack, he broke into the basket firmly hit a layup, will be widened to 4 points. The Hornets did not surrender, Kemba Walker hit three points off Cheap inkjet photo paper the unreasonable ball. But harden is without mercy, with their own signature eurostep Akira defender, a left-handed layup, succeeded in killing game.

The game harden one scored 40 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in the three large two consecutive games, scored 40+ three double, Jordan, Maravich, Westbrook become after the fourth in the history of the NBA do a little. While the Rockets have also made Cheap inkjet photo paper the second time this season nine wins, winning by only third in the West gap. It is only a matter of time before you believe that there is such a great leader in the team and it is only second of the west.

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实力榜:马刺强势登顶 火箭紧随其后     Five weeks ago, the Spurs defense is still ranked in the League of the thirteenth, but after the defensive side of their performance has become increasingly outstanding. In the past 17 games each round they lost no more than cheap inkjet photo paper nba 1 points in such excellent performance, they also came to power this week in the first list. At the same time, their performance in the offensive is brisk enough, in the past 8 games they have at least 7 win 20 points per round of Thanksgiving since the Spurs to win the match 11.5 points, this is the league’s best performance so far.

The first section of the rocket score is still the league’s best team, but in the past two possible (magic and Toronto), they start are unsatisfactory. However, this does not affect the state of the team, they will always have a way to turn the tide in the second half, had a season average performance. The eight game winning streak, the Rockets per turn scored 117 points, although there is still news that cheap inkjet photo paper nba they are eager to get a post in the market, but in the Clint – Capet Mandela injured truce, Monterey, Harel and Nene are well done inside the task team. In yesterday’s game, Harel had 13 shots and scored 28 points.

Even in the presence of James, the Cavaliers have been ahead of the Bulls 13 points, but the situation is still good. But in fact this is not only a week they ruined huge advantage in the game, like last week against the nets and the Suns, they have the most leading opponent more than 20 points. Fortunately, Erwin and James have repeatedly to play at the end, so that they do not have to defeat the two minnows.The warriors encounter grizzly and reverse de Raymond Green in the final period of criticism of Kevin Durant will help the team progress on Friday paratelum. The crash of January was much better than the crash in June. When their season at this point, they also grow with cheap inkjet photo paper nba each passing day pressure, the last eight games they were on the defensive end badly, you lose 108 points per round.

In January the Celtics home game is relatively more, in the past period of time they have won four straight victories, and in the winning streak they can be at least every game into cheap inkjet photo paper nba the 17 record three points. In the past ten games, they can turn half per cent in the 105, in the second half of their per round score is 124 points to a be struck dumb! The team headed star Isaiah – Thomas is often able to play in the second half of the magic performance, so far he can score in the second half of the league can be second.

Although Paul was back on Friday, but the Clippers before this has been for them now won four straight paved the way. Against the sun, they hit 51%, and in the game against Memphis, they have been on the free throw line for the first time in a row, Austen – Rivers has contributed to the season’s new high of 28 points in the game of the game in the game of the game, the game of the game against the Grizzlies in the game, the game has been a new high of the game, the game of the game. However, when Paul, Rivers and Reddick at the same time, although the team’s offense is good, but their defense is very bad. Over the past few weeks, the Grizzlies from a defensive team into cheap inkjet photo paper nba an attacking team, after Christmas they often missed in the defensive end, has lost to the Lakers and magic, green army. But the focus in a war on Friday, they were in the distal + overtime only let men got a total of 21 points, and one in reverse away for up to 24 points.

Jazz is now full recovery, George – Hill, Sam and AIKE dantay Alec Burks last week have been back, apparently among them, Hill’s most important value. This season, when he and Hayward were present at the same time, the Jazz scored 8 wins and 0 losses until they lost to the Grizzlies yesterday. Although in the last month of the injury has been feiwosi starting 8 games, but the current coach Quin Snyder is still in deciding on how to allocate his and Rudi Goebel’s playing time.

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