Epson high quality inkjet printing paper

This high quality inkjet paper enables you to quickly and easily make reports, flyers, illustrations, photographs, or any presentation of a bright color. Special coatings allow the ink to quickly penetrate the surface, even after a few minutes of the image will not be lost or dirty. The Asian coating provides excellent photo quality to ensure that the color is real and the bright contrast is excellent. Compatible with the printer resolution of 5760 dpi, these inkjet paper can provide different grades and surface treatments and different weights.

Epson high quality inkjet printing paper – a single glossy finished paper can generate deep, sharp color and clear black text, which is an ideal choice for daily high resolution color printing. Excellent introduction materials, newsletters, reports, handouts and color reproductions. Acid-free, very suitable for scrapbook pages.

  • Single-sided finished paper produces deep, sharp colors and clear black text.
  • Suitable for daily high resolution color printing.
  • Excellent introduction materials, newsletters, reports, handouts and color reproductions.
  • Acid-free, very suitable for scrapbook pages.

HP color inkjet printer paperHP color inkjet printing paper surface is more smooth than ordinary inkjet printing paper, can produce a deeper black and color, make your presentations, brochures and other documents look very well. Specially designed for less perspective and minimal absorption (penetration). ColorLok technology offers faster drying, resistance to tarnish, black boldness and brighter colors. It is suitable for double-sided printing, suitable for color demonstration, color graphic and color booklet. 24lb.

Epson professional media watercolor inkjet paper – immediately drying, easy to use Epson ® ink for processing. Enhanced 1440 dpi prints high quality output. Rich black image printing with special contrast. Radiant white surface vivid color reproduction. The appearance and feel of fine art paper – different from resin coated inkjet paper. The perfect presentation of the image reproduction and graphic design on the texture grinding surface.


Photo quality glossy inkjet paper o the market

Photo quality glossy inkjet paper provides excellent color saturation, print resolution and high quality output. The printed image has remarkable clarity and color vitality. Rapid drying, fading and anti-tarnish. Designed for all inkjet printers. Package 50. Size: A4.

Pigment ink and high gloss inkjet paper is not traditionally the best friend, even though there are still some problems with the gloss differences. Chemical printing can still claim to be competitive with inkjet printing. This is because the ink is at the top of the inkjet coating, and in traditional photochemistry, the photosensitive layer is below the gloss. That is to say, there are some very good choice – although you may not be as pure as chemical print gloss, but you can get all the other inkjet effect, such as wider color gamut, deeper black and longer life of printing.

Epson professional video happily announces the introduction of fibre-paper. Fiber wiki photographic paper of this breakthrough is cooperating with many industry leading professional photographers, due to the special D – Max B&W and color conversion, not only provides greater creative control, and can use the same inkjet photo paper print special color this is the traditional fiber wiki paper impossible.

Will be easy and the artistic quality of traditional photography and digital output control combination, this unique media provides the same as the old darkroom paper deep black, subtle tonal level and lasting effect. Its fiber matrix has rich surface, continuous tone and soft luster, very suitable for creating stunning color or neutral black and white printing, keep the look and feel of traditional fiber inkjet paper.

Epson glossy inkjet paper is usually used in black and white photographs, color photographs, portraits, etc. Epson glossy inkjet paper is most popular with customers who consider themselves semi-professionals. Customers like the following quality of the Epson exhibition glossy inkjet paper: durable, professional surface treatment/quality, sharp tones and colors and vivid images.

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