With the various inkjet papers available on the market, buyers became completely confused when deciding which paper to buy. Different varieties include plain paper, heavy paper, glossy inkjet paper, matte inkjet paper, bright white paper, and the list goes on.

What kind of inkjet paper can you buy? If you ask the salesperson to make a choice for you, they will give you the most valuable and most expensive piece of paper. Don’t ask salespeople, you should ask yourself, “how can I use inkjet printing paper?” When buying paper, remember that requirements and requirements are two different things; You may want to buy more expensive paper, though your need may be plain paper.

Epson inkjet photo paper allows you to easily convert your home or commercial epson printers into your own photo factory. High quality, durable and quick drying of these photo sheets can provide various sizes, finishes and weights, ensuring that you can find the right paper work. Here you see scope of epson photo paper is made from the original Epson paper, but contains the PPD paper (all of which are applicable to epson inkjet printer) greater choice in our photo paper found in category.

Just select the correct size from 10x15cm to A4 or A3, and the GSM weight required from glossy to semi-gloss or gloss. Photo Paper Direct is the licensed Epson Inkjet Photo Paper seller, and your purchases are all included in the extra mind. Its range includes popular epson Premium series and archive paper to provide more durability and anti-fading technology.

Inkjet paper also has various styles; It can be bought with a bright white variant. This kind of paper is expensive, you can only print on one side. But if your goal is to impress the audience, that’s the best option. This type of paper is used to print important documents or presentation pages. High resolution and photographic paper are also available, but it is ideal to print digital photos or scan photos for photographic paper.